Forgive Us Brothers

Waiting for Birnam Wood to Come to Dunsinane

Salute to the Street Fighting Men (and Women)

Can’t Get Fooled Again

“Not all deaths are equal”

Choosing Bangladesh

Musings on the 52nd Victory Day

Not the Right Stuff

International Media Roundup November 2023

Delivery Unavailable; Return to Sender

Tarique Rahman’s Statement on Garments Wage Movement and Tragic Deaths

BNP’s Resilient Pursuit in the Grand Rally: Triumph Over Tyranny – Official Statement of BNP on Events of October 28th

Fear is the Key

Timeline of the BNP Grand Rally of 28th

BNP Continues Its Pro-Democracy Movement

Hasina’s Day of Violence: Scenes from Dhaka, 28 October 2023

A Democratic Future for Bangladesh and the Indo-Pacific Strategy

Full-Time (Grand) Children of the Nation

A Democratic Bangladesh in the Free and Open Indo-Pacific Region

The Contrast

Khaleda Zia’s Last Stand

US Ambassador is not spared in the reign of terror in Bangladesh

The U.S. state department terms DSA a draconian law

Sheikh Hasina’s son lashes out at the U.S. state department

Sheikh Hasina accuses U.S. of regime change as President Biden stresses on fair election

Death in RAB custody continues

Bangladesh’s 58% power plants fully or partly out of operation

Power tariffs were raised three times in two months, inflation rising

Bangladesh remains unwelcomed in the Democracy summit

HRW urged to investigate DB-led enforced disappearance and torture allegations

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights expressed concern about Bangladesh

Rise of the phantom cases to stop the pro-democracy movement

Bangladesh police violates UN covenant by attacking BNP’s peaceful rallies

Power to the people!

Bangladesh’s balance of payment on free-fall

Bangladesh’s poor suffer as energy prices surge

Top publishing house denied stall at the national book fair

A Bangladeshi minister’s case of regulatory capture

The U.S. Assistant Secretary of State’s eventful visit