About us

The Road to Democracy is a publication of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party-BNP’s Media Cell that covers Bangladesh’s ongoing struggle for democratic reforms to ensure accountability and good governance, cornerstones of a functional democracy.

BNP is credited for restoring multi-party democracy and introducing a free market economy that facilitated the growth of Bangladesh’s readymade garments sector and manpower exports, which changed the trajectories of economic growth and progress after the disastrous economic mismanagement during Mujib regime, which caused a famine in 1974 claiming around a million lives.

In The Road to Democracy, apart from covering the struggle for democratic reforms in Bangladesh, we publish analyses and stories on Bangladesh’s history, culture, the required policy reforms and the dynamics of foreign policy.

Editorial Panel

Zahir Uddin Swapon


Dr Saimum Parvez

Executive Editor

Advisory Board

Md. Ismail Zabihullah

Member of Advisory Board

Dr M. Jahangir Alam Chowdhury

Member of Advisory Board

Dr Moudud Hossain Alamgir Pavel

Member of Advisory Board


Shahiduddin Chowdhury Anee


Managerial Team

Dr Morshed Hasan Khan

Circulation & Distribution Manager

Atiqur Rahman Rumon

Photo Gallery Manager

Besides, The Road to Democracy is enriched by the contributions of prominent researchers, academics and the youth of Bangladesh.