Sheikh Hasina accuses U.S. of regime change as President Biden stresses on fair election

Sheikh Hasina claimed that Washington was attempting to install an anti-democratic party in power in Bangladesh in the upcoming elections, weeks after the U.S. President Joe Biden sent a letter emphasizing the need of organizing a free and fair election in Bangladesh.

“[America] has the power to topple the government in any country and the Muslim countries, in particular, are experiencing a tough time. They are trying to eliminate democracy and introduce a government that will not have any democratic existence,” she said (, 10 April, 2023,).

On March 26, President Biden shared his message on the Independence Day of Bangladesh that read:

“As Bangladesh approaches its next election, I am reminded of the deep value both of our nations’ people place on democracy, equality, respect for human rights, and free and fair elections.” (, March 21, 2023)