Hasina’s Day of Violence: Scenes from Dhaka, 28 October 2023

Sometimes images speak for themselves, and no commentary is needed. If there was ever any doubt, it should now be clear that no democratic prospect is possible under Bangladesh’s current prime minister.

[First draft of history. The Daily Star describes how the police suddenly attacked the peaceful opposition rally from two flanks]

[This is not a city under bombardment in a warzone but Dhaka during a opposition street rally. Police use thousands of teas gas shells, sound grenades to disperse the people]

[Video: A staff of an public pub is describing how the Detective Branch Police set fire to the vehicle to implicate the opposition movement.]

[Wearing police dress, Awami Legue partymen attacking opposition rally goers]

[Intercepted chatter among police describing how they were planning to attack the rally from outside positions]

Thousands of opposition rally participants injured by police shots and pellets

[Images of police action against opposition rally]

Videos and images are collected from pro-democracy activists.

হিমালয় থেকে সুন্দরবন, হঠাৎ বাংলাদেশ, কেঁপে কেঁপে ওঠে পদ্মার উচ্ছ্বাসে,

সে কোলাহলের রুদ্ধস্বরের আমি পাই উদ্দেশ। জলে ও মাটিতে ভাঙনের বেগ আসে।