BNP Continues Its Pro-Democracy Movement

BNP has consistently demonstrated its commitment to pursuing a peaceful movement for restoring democracy. Despite enduring continuous torture and oppression, BNP has organized peaceful protests, adhering to the democratic principles. Our party has continuously shown its belief in a movement that is of the people and for the people. Even with years of continued hostility from the ruling party and law enforcement, BNP has refrained from retaliating in kind. Instead, it continued its efforts in organizing peaceful rallies, gaining support from people from all walks of life.

The ruling party’s discomfort with BNP’s widespread support among the people might explain their resort to using brute force to disrupt peaceful protests, and giving them a violent appearance. Today’s unprovoked attack by the Bangladesh Police and Bangladesh Awami League on BNP and peaceful protesters was a heinous act. BD govt must realise that using brute force, bullets and sound grenades and tear shells on unarmed pro-democracy supporters will cannot secure power. People will keep fighting as they always have, and will emerge victorious as they always have.

In the words of Charlie Chaplin, ‘The hate of men will pass, dictators die, and the power they seized from the people will return to them. As long as men die, liberty will never perish.’

We also mourn the loss of BNP activist Shamim Molla, who fell victim to indiscriminate police firing.